Tulskiy Zveroboy / Eco-Farm Gorchichnaya Polyana

This unique eco-farm has already been working in the Tula Region for the past ten years. It is the first certified eco-meat producer in Russia. The farm has a full-cycle operation: animals are fed on the feed grown and stockpiled on the farm, their meat is processed at the in-house facility and delivered by the company own delivery service. The middlemen are completely eliminated from the production cycle, which ensures the maximum quality of all products on every step of their creation. Eco-Farm Gorchichnaya Polyana is the only producer of sausages made from fresh-killed meat. During the first two hours after the slaughter, the meat retains some of its binding properties, which enables company to avoid using unhealthy chemical additives and gives the farm’s sausages their unforgettable natural taste and maximum health benefits.

Only environmentally sustainable agriculture methods are employed at the 1,200 hectare farm. Most of the land is used for the animal feed: barley, wheat, fava beans, and triticale. The quality of the animal feed directly influences the quality of the resulting meat products, so the farm maintains very strict focus on the compliance with organic agriculture principles. The farm has its own organic vegetable garden to grow potatoes, carrots, beet, pumpkin, cabbage, sunchoke. The eco-farm’s entire product range is certified by the Russian company Eco Control and is compliant with the highest European environmental standards.

Products: Sausage products, smoked meats and delicacies; beef, mutton, prepared products; vegetables, flour, grains (barley, buckwheat, spelt wheat, semolina), buckwheat; meadow honey; pastila, dried pastila; and chicken eggs.

Website: http://www.gor-polyana.ru