Volovskiy Broyler

Volovskiy Broyler is a major modern chicken-meat producer. It is based on the full-cycle poultry breeding with a number of unique competitive features. The closed-cycle poultry unit includes 75 separate coops with a total production capacity of 51,000 tonnes per year, among which: 42 broiler coops; 24 parent flock coops; and 9 replacement chicken coops. The company’s facilities also include a slaughterhouse, an advanced processing facility, bone tankage facility, a hatching house, refrigerator facilities, in-house waste treatment facilities, and water wells. The company owns brand store chain in Tula Region to sell chicken meat and eggs. The annual poultry production capacity is up to 51,000 tonnes. The egg production capacity is up to 37.4 million tonnes a year. The company possesses its own biogas facility and the Volovo Mixed-Feed Plant. Its current production capacity is 20 t/hr, with the eventual expansion to 40 t/hr after the launch of the second production line. The plant’s purpose is to continuously supply the top-quality mixed feed for the company’s farms.

Products: Chilled chicken meat (dressed, cuts, by-products), various chicken sausage products, meat rolls, dumplings, smoked meat, etc.

Website: http://volovo-broyler.ru