Breeding Farm Lazarevskoye is one of the biggest agricultural companies in Tula Region. Its main profile is the production and processing of crop and livestock products. The company has the following facilities: a pig-breeding farm for up to 40,000 heads; a meat-processing plant with an output of 3,500 tonnes of high-quality sausage, smoked meat, and ready-to-cook products per year; a formula feed production facility with an output of over 45,000 tonnes of feed per year; a crop production facility with 23,000 hectares of associated farmland and a large modern drier-sorter grain storage with a capacity of over 85,000 tonnes; a fleet of 125 automobiles; a fleet of 83 field engines and 31 harvesters; a cattle-breeding farm for up to 3,000 heads; the auxiliary and service facilities. The company employs 550 factory workers and other staff.

Products: Potatoes, beef, various kinds of sausage and smoked meat products.