Belevskie Sladosti

Belevskie Sladosti was founded in 2011. Since then the company has managed to establish a good reputation among consumers and win their favor. The company’s command of longstanding culinary traditions, unique and original product line, and individualized customer approach enabled it to successfully expand operation across various Russian regions.
Belevskie Sladosti is a continuously and rapidly growing food processing enterprise, which constantly expands its product line and creates new jobs in the Belyov township of the Tula Region, participating in the regional opportunity programs for the insecure social groups (such as the large families and the disabled).

The company primary product, Belyov pastila, is only made from natural ingredients using longstanding culinary technologies and handmade approach. The strict adherence to the production technology at the factory enables the consumers to taste the real pastila and let it enshroud themselves with the historic past.

Products: Belyov pastila, belyov marshmallow, belyov marmalade, dried pastila, belyov dried pastila, milk soufflé confections, and fruit leather.