Zaokskaya Poultry Plant

Zaokskaya Poultry Factory (originally named Zaoksky Collective Poultry Farm) was founded between 1933 and 1935. During the socialist period it was one of the biggest egg and chicken meat producers in the country. Starting with 2000 the factory’s economy has stabilized: a sustained production and sales program were achieved. Today, the factory sells its products in both large and small wholesale volumes, as well as in retail via its own chain of depots and stores in various towns of Tula and Moscow regions. Currently, Zaokskaya Poultry Factory is a part of the Leto Group, which is an agroindustrial holding whose main profile is chicken and quail egg, as well as the poultry meat production.

The factory’s sustained poultry stock numbers 550,000, and the total production capacity stands at 110,000,000 eggs and 400 tonnes of chicken meat per year. The product range includes fresh eggs of all categories, dressed chicken, prepared chicken products, cuts, patties, mincemeat, smoked meat, and sausages. Leto Group also has plans to construct a 800 million RUB advanced egg processing plant in Tula Region in the near future.

Products: Chicken egg, dressed chicken, char-grilled chicken, chicken mincemeat, patties, sausages, breaded cutlets, meat balls, chicken legs and cuts.