Inenergy Group

Inenergy Group is comprised from 7 subsidiaries related to power engineering, which cover different aspects of the production cycle from raw materials through R&D to final turn-key solutions.

The major part of Inenergy Group is devoted to the energy systems and power engineering, namely: power supply units and UPS (Electa); power supply systems based on the fuel cells (Inenergy); microfuel cells (Topaz); solid fuel cells (Ceratech); enclosure solutions for power supply systems (Inprom). Another professional area of Inenergy Group is associated with the unmanned aircraft and is represented by 2 subsidiaries: Hypercopter (for copter vessels) and ПТЕРО (for fixed-wing drones).

The potential of fuel cells can be realized in many areas ranging from portable batteries and accumulators for mobile devices to powering electric cars and unmanned vehicles. While yet being a developing technology, fuel cells already provide some competitive advantages over traditional batteries and internal combustion engines such as dimensions scalability, eco-friendly operation, weak heat and noise operation levels, simplicity of construction, and prolonged operation life. The huge potential of fuel cells can be most effectively realized in the automotive industry (with the ever growing market share of electric cars and consequent demand for the new power sources) and in unmanned aerial vessels (where decreased engine weight is highly desirable). At last, the fuel cells have a promising application for the auxiliary equipment in the gas distribution networks. Currently, Inenergy Group is manufacturing various fuel cells for different mobile power stations and actively collaborates with oil company Mangazeya on integrating the fuel cell equipment into the pipeline facilities in West Siberia.

Products: Fuel cells, power supply units, enclosure solutions for power supply systems, drones.